TRInE Story: Students of KIT create TR robots with LEGO Mindstorms

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative product development using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methods and to highlight their added value compared to classic CAD (Computer Aided Design) development. Students learn in a team exemplary the development and production of a prototype with the help of modern PLM and CAX-Systems.

The goal this semester was to develop a stable, remotely controlled mobile telepresence robot for interactive and better employee video conferencing. The robot will support hybrid work models and replace the presence of an employee in a work environment.

Given Requirements:

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Tiltable mount for different smartphone models
  • Variable height adjustment 200 mm
  • Stable drive
  • Control and regulation of motors and sensors
  • Ground clearance of 5mm for driving over small office objects

In the beginning, groups create their own company and assign themselves roles to perform over the semester. The entire product development process was implemented in 3D-Experience platform. The design in CATIA CAD software is followed by prototyping, in which one part is milled and one part is 3D printed. Final requirements review took place before the final presentation.

The groups presented different results. They solved the stable drive via chains or via wheels. The height adjustability was realized by a threaded screw with combination of racks. The programming of the EV3-Brick made it possible to control remote via Bluetooth.

Fig.1: Mii6


Fig.2: ID Robotics


Fig.3: RoboCom

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