TRinE Story: Going to Class in a Snowstorm

Sometimes, due to weather conditions, it is simply not possible to travel to the university to attend classes on site. In this TRinE Story, two students from the University of Akureyri share how a snowstorm did not stop them from coming to the university – thanks to the use of a telepresence robot.

“We were three students on our way to the university and we had driven 300 kilometers to go to class at the university. It was wintertime and suddenly there was the biggest snowstorm, and all the roads were closed. We were stuck at the convenience store on our way to the university, so we contacted the Centre of teaching and learning and asked if there were any telepresence robots available for us, one robot was available. So, what we did was that we logged in with one of our computers and the three of us were together in the classroom using one robot. It was fantastic to be able to join the classroom, and when the road opened again, we drove the last 90KM that we had left to show up at the university. But because of the telepresence robots, we were able to join our class to present our project.”

Stuck in the Storm in VarmahlĂ­d

first hand experience (anonymous)

“I live not far from Akureyri (around 40 km) and it usually is no problem for me driving there for the onsite classes but this time I woke up to really bad weather and the road to Akureyri was not safe to drive on and they talked about needing to close it soon, so it was clear that I was not going to be able to drive. I contacted the school because my class was starting in 1,5 hours and thankfully there was one telepresence robot free so I could join the class that day without any problems.”

All the roads closed due to snowstorm

first hand experience (anonymous)

Photo Credits: University of Akureyri

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